How is possible to contact panel support?
you can contact us at out support page then create a ticket

 How much time to complete the orders?

All orders will start in 24 hours of the order.
Youtube orders will take time to complete,( 1-5 days)

Can i cancel any order after placed ?
No, you cannot, orders are final, make sure you are placing correct links.

Can I change the link after order ?
No you cannot do that. If the link changed after the order place, the order automatically marked as completed.No refunds.

What happen if the link is private?
if the link is private before the order start, the order will be cancelled.
if it make private after the order is done, order will be complete.

Can i have refunds for drop followers or likes?
No, Likes/followers will drop,Because of the updates in twitter/ instagram/ fb ./ youtube .
Only refill will be available once the same service/ server available. Organic views, followers or likes will be neglected.
No refunds for the payments.

Can i cancel a order that i gave?
No, orders are permanent, cannot be cancelled by admin.

Is there any referral system?
We offer the cheapest prices, so no referral systems  but  in  future  we  are  going  to  have  a  ferral s ystem

How we contact admin
use "Support" section and create a new ticket 

Is your SMM service manual or automated?

Most of the services we provide at Smm Geeks  are performed manually, except a few services that cannot be done manually. some services are done manually like reviews .

Examples of correct format/entry of links:

 Twitter Followers:

Twitter Retweets And Favorites:

Instagram Followers:

Instagram Likes:

Facebook Page Likes: Or,

Facebook Photo Likes:

Facebook Post Likes:

 Youtube Video Views:






You cannot take this URL from Desktop site but only from within the APP  by clicking on Share and Copy link on the track.

Website Traffic :    follow instructions below:

Input website or product URL using URL shortener service: or bitly to track the URL.

For example: or,

If you use Direct URL for website traffic, then complaint regarding any issue will be rejected.

how   to    order    youtube   comment   likes?

To add comment likes or dislike you need to get the URL of the comment. To do so please go to the video, find the comment you wish to add the service for and right click the date of the comment and click "Copy Link Address".
The URL will look like this:
The URL must have the "lc=XXXXXXXXXXX" in the URL or it's not correct.

SEO Services : Details -
Minimum Order : Independs on how many links you want
Maximum Order : depends on a type of service

Order details:
open a ticket with the following:

one link per line

One keyword per line

Article Category: optional

Email address were all links will to dilived to as excel file

ideals for Fiverr, Freelancer, SEOclark
Deliver avg : Within 24 hours ( maximum 48 hours Only )
Delivery Type live links proof ( as xlsx excel file )

- Order Delivery Time :

If Any Service Title Written With Instant That Mean That Service Will Process Automatic And Start After Your Order Placed Or In Few Minutes. If Any Service Not Written Instant That Mean That Will Start Any Time In 24 Hours. Our Maximum Services Is Process Automatic And Start Instant. Some Time May Have Some Delay If Have Some Problem Or In Under Maintenance or Update from Own social site. That's Why We Not Give Any Guaranty For Instant Start. All Orders Are Taken For 24 Hours. So Do No Contact With Us Before 24 Hours If Your Any Order Not Start Instant.

-What is Partial status?

If status Partial it means system cant give more likes/followers to current page or you put any wrong link or that link have any privacy and money automatically refunded for remains likes/followers.

I got some troubles with my order!

In that case, go to support page then create a new ticket and let us know immediately. Our support team is always ready to assist you as quick as possible. Placing an order is quite easy once you learn it. Yet, kindly be aware during placing any order, to any avoid trouble. always make sure you are using correct urls because if its incorrect the order will be reject and you will get your refund.

Do you offer a refund policy?

We do not accept any Refund Request once an order is placed or completed or any trouble occurs during in-progress due to Social Network updates. For your kind information, some of our services such as: Like, Follow, Views may interrupt for a while due to Social Network Updates.